Hydroscope II - Creation of a National Databank for Hydrological and Meteorological Information


Duration: April 1993–September 1995

Budget: 85 000 000 DRS (about €317 177)

Commissioned by:

  1. Ministry of Agriculture
  2. Ministry of the Industry
  3. Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works
  4. Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Athens
  5. Public Power Corporation

Contractor: Department of Water Resources, Hydraulic and Maritime Engineering

Project director: D. Koutsoyiannis

Principal investigator: D. Koutsoyiannis

This project is complementary to the major Hydroscope project. Its objectives are the purchase of computational infrastructure and the pilot data entry into the databank that is developed in the framework of the major project. The data entered provides a means for testing of the operation of the distributed database and the wide area network, and the operational use of the related infrastructure.