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"Hydrognomon" is an application for the analysis of hydrological data. Hydrological data analysis consists of time series processing applications, such as time step aggregation and regularization, interpolation, regression analysis and infilling of missing values, consistency tests, data filtering, graphical and tabular visualization of time series, etc.

The program supports also specific hydrological applications, including evapotranspiration modelling, stage-discharge and discharge-sediment discharge analysis, homogeneity tests, water balance methods, hydrometry, etc. The statistical module provides tools for statistical exploration, fitting of distribution functions, statistical prediction, Monte-Carlo simulation, analysis of extreme events and construction of ombrian curves (also known as rainfall intensity-duration-frequency curves).

A final module is a lumped hydrological model, with alternative configurations, supported by automatic calibration facilities.

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  • (2012) Version - March 30th, 2012

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