A computer program for stochastic disaggregation of fine-scale rainfall



Hyetos-R is a package for the temporal stochastic simulation of rainfall process at fine time scales based on Bartlett-Lewis rectangular pulses rainfall model. It operates on several modes and combinations of them (depending on data availability), such as the operational or the testing mode, and simple sequential simulation or disaggregation. Specifically, it uses the Bartlett-Lewis rectangular pulses rainfall model for rainfall generation and proven disaggregation techniques which adjust the finer scale (from minute to hourly) values in order to obtain the required coarser scale (e.g., daily) value, without affecting the stochastic structure implied by the model. Additionally, a repetition scheme is incorporated in order to improve the Bartlett-Lewis model performance without significant increase of computational time. Finally, the package includes an enhanced version of the evolutionary annealing-simplex optimization method for the estimation of Bartlett-Lewis model parameters.

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