Touristic exploitation of artificial lakes. The Aoos lake case study

A. Katsulis, Touristic exploitation of artificial lakes. The Aoos lake case study, MSc thesis, 95 pages, September 2011.



Artificial lakes and reservoirs are created to fulfill a number of certain human needs, such as the production of electrical power, irrigation etc. But also gives the opportunity to secondary human needs to be fulfilled, needs that mainly regard to recreation. Therefore, rises a potential for touristic development of artificial lakes and reservoirs and the scope of this postgraduate thesis is to approach and present the potential for touristic development of the reservoir lake of Aoos Springs in Epirus. Firstly, the whole hydroelectric system of Aoos Springs is presented. The different sections of the system are being described, both those that consist the reservoir lake and those of the Power Station complex. Also, the distinctive characteristics of this particulate hydroelectric system compared to others are pointed out. Next, follows a description of the main characteristics of the lake area and a review of hydrology features, climate, flora and fauna, geology, land uses and the singularity of this area as a part of certain protected areas as well. Afterwards, takes place a description of the landscape of the lake area and an analysis of the effect that has the water level fluctuation at the lake to the perception that visitors have about this landscape. Furthermore, there is an attempt to formulate some principles that should be applied to the touristic development of artificial lakes and reservoirs, principles that reflect the author’s perspective of the matter but also are based on widespread and commonly accepted theories about tourism in such distinctive areas. Thence, two cases of touristically developed reservoir lakes are presented. The first case regards Plastiras lake, a reservoir lake within the country, indicating the Greek efforts for touristic development of reservoir lakes. The second case is about Grimsel reservoir lake, in canton Bern in Switzerland and with it a whole different perspective of the matter is being revealed. An analysis of the potentials that the Aoos Springs lake region carries is presented, too. The potentials that are pointed out are based on the principles

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