Hydrological study of reservoir operation

D. Koutsoyiannis, A. Efstratiadis, N. Mamassis, I. Nalbantis, and L. Lazaridis, Hydrological study of reservoir operation, Engineering consultant for the project "Water supply of Heracleio and Agios Nicolaos from the Aposelemis dam", Commissioner: Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works, Contractor: Aposelemis Joint Venture, Athens, October 2001.



The scope of the study is the analytic and systematic approach of the Aposelemis reservoir operation, based on probabilistic/stochastic analysis, which aims at complementing the previous studies and giving reliable estimations of the reservoir's safe release. The study gives emphasis to the estimation of the contribution of the surface water resources of Lasithi Plateau basin to the reservoir's water potential, which is affected by the hydraulic communication between the basins of Lasithi Plateau and Aposelemis due to their karstic geologic background. For this purpose, extensive collection and processing of historical hydrological records were required, in addition to the development and calibration of a conceptual hydrological model for both watersheds. The estimation of the safe reservoir release is based on a stochastic model for the generation of synthetic inflow series and a simplified simulation-optimisation model of the hydrosystem composed of Lasithi plateau - Aposelemis reservoir - boreholes - urban and rural consumption. By applying the above models, several safe yield scenarios are examined, referring to alternative values of the physical hydraulic communication between the two basins and different system reliability levels.

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Related project: Engineering consultant for the project "Water supply of Heracleio and Agios Nicolaos from the Aposelemis dam"

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