Data Base development for flood event codification

J. Floros, Data Base development for flood event codification, MSc thesis, 82 pages, 2009.



This dissertation deals with the creation of a single database record of flood events. This need arises following 2007/60/EK Directive of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 October 2007 and is needed for the assessment and management of flood risks. The first section deals with 2007/60/EK Directive of the European Parliament and refers to the larger flood events that have affected the Attica Prefecture. In the end, it specifies the source of data for the study of the four floods to be analyzed in the next section. Next, it analyzes four flood events which have occurred in Attica and in particular on 22-24/11/2005, 08/11/2004, 20/10/2007 and the great flood that occurred on 6/11/1961. Having edited the data we have from the hydrographic stations, we calculate the rain curve and compare it to recovery periods of two, ten and fifty years respectively. The third, and perhaps the most important, chapter analyzes website which is the site where the data collection occurs. It gives another example of the flood on 22-24/11/2005. Following this, it analyzes the usefulness of the database and the method of linking the rainfall to the likelihood of a flood. Finally, the preventive measures that have been taken by the General Secretariat of Civil Protection are mentioned and ways of utilising the database record of flood events from the state are presented.

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